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A revolutionary decision was taken at the highest level for computerization of the District courts and E Committee was constituted at the Hon'ble High Court to guide the computerization of district courts. The computerization work of almost all the districts of Uttar Pradesh started under the guidance of E Committee of the Hon'ble High Court. 

The computerization work at Mathura Judgeship was under taken under the dynamic leadership of Hon'ble Mr. Justice Dilip Gupta, who has always been a source of inspiration, and whose able guidance and personal interest in this field has always been motivating for us.

           The construction of ICT Room at Mathura started in the middle of January 2010 and with the blessings of the Hon'ble Mr.Justice Dilip Gupta, Administrative Judge the work has been completed within a recorded time by 31st

 March 2010. The LAN work and laying optical fibre has also been completed, It is because of pains taken by the Hon'ble Administrative Judge and his guidance, that we could achieve this target as a first district in entire Uttar Pradesh to complete the computerization work.

           This ICT Room is being inaugurated on 17th April

 2010 by Hon'ble Mr. Justice Dilip Gupta, Administrative Judge Mathura.


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