Guest House Rules






Guest House Rules

Welcome to District Court, mathura





(Framed by Hon’ble High Court)


Rule 1. These Rules may be called as Krishna

 Atithi Grih, Mathura and Visheshwar Guest

 House, Varanasi Rules, 2007.

Rule 2:  Definitions:

Rule 2(i)  Chief Justice means Chief Justice, Allahabad High Court.

Rule 2(ii) Committee means the Committee of three Hon'ble Judges to be nominated by the Hon'ble the Chief Justice. One of them shall be Administrative Judge, Mathura and the other Administrative Judge, Varanasi.

Rule 2(iii) Department means Protoco

l Department of High Court, Allahabad.

Rule 2(IV) Hon'ble Judges means Judge of

 Hon'ble Supreme Court and High Courts

 including sitting and retired Judges.

Rule 2(V) Joint Registrar (Protocol) means Joint Registrar (Protocol),          Allahabad High Court.

Rule 2(VI) Registrar General means Registrar General, Allahabad High Court.

Rule 3. Guest House shall be under the

 control of Protocol Department of High

  Court of Allahabad. Joint Registrar

 (Protocol), Allahabad High Court shall b

e overall in-charge including the allotment

 subject to the supervision of the Registrar


The Manager/Caretaker of the Guest House, in the matter of allotment will be answerable and under the supervision of the above Joint Registrar (Protocol) and for other purposes (i.e. maintenance, expenses etc.) under the administrative control of the District Judge concerned.

Rule 4. Maintenance of the Guest House shall

 be under the control and supervision of

 District Judge, Mathura/Varanasi, subject to

 the overall supervision of the Committee.

Rule 5 (i) The suites in the Guest House shall

 be allotted to the Hon'ble Judges and

 officers of the rank of District Judge.


(ii): The suite in the Guest House may also be allotted to any other person with the prior approval of Hon'ble the Chief Justice.

Rule 6.  Allotment can be made to the family members of the Hon'ble Judges in case the Hon'ble Judge is not accompanying them on the request of the Hon'ble Judge.

Rule 7   (i) For the occupancy, the charges shall be as follows:

Room Rent   +  Maintenance charges

One suite.           Rs.100/-per day + Rs.150/-per day.

The amount of rent will be passed on to the State Government and Rs.150/- will be retained with the Manager of the Guest House and shall be deposited in the Bank Account opened in accordance with Rule 7(v).

Rule 7 (ii)The occupation charges of the Guest House shall be Rs.100/- per day for the Hon'ble Judges visiting for official purpose.

                The above charges will be for

 the maximum stay for three days. In

 case, the stay exceeds three days, the

 charges shall become double of the

 above amount.

Rule 7(iii) The amount of Rs.100/- per day when received will be deposited by the Manager/Caretaker in a separate Bank Account to be opened for that purpose.

Rule 7(iv)The District Judge,

 Mathura/Varanasi shall deposit the amount

 of rent realized from the guests into

 the Account Head

 "0070 - vU; iz'kklfud lsok;sa&01 & U;k;  iz'kklu & 800 & vU; izkfIr;ka & 08 &  bekjrksa dk fdjk;k**

Rule 7  (v) The District Judge,

 Mathura/Varanasi shall open a Savings Bank

 Account in a Nationalised Bank in the name

 of "Krishna Guest House" / "Visheshwar

 Guest House" as the case may be and deposit

 the maintenance charges realized from the

 guests therein.


Rule 7  (vi) The  District Judge, Mathura /

 Varanasi is permitted to utilize the amount of maintenance charges for

 providing tea, biscuits, newspapers, soaps,

 shampoo etc. as also washing charges of bed

 sheets, pillow covers, towels etc.

Rule7(vii) The District Judge,

 Mathura/Varanasi will submit quarterly

 statement to the Committee containing (a)

 the amount received from the Guests and (b)

 amount spent on the maintenance for

 perusal of the Committee. Yearly audit

 inspection can be made on the directions of

 the Committee.

Rule 8.   The Hon'ble Judges, who are visiting

 as  State Guests shall be provided

 accommodation on the request of District

 Magistrate/ District Judge, Mathura/

\ Varanasi or any other officer acting on their

 behalf on payment of Rs. 250/- per day as

 room rent and maintenance charges. The

 District Magistrate / District Judge must

 confirm availability of the accommodation

 from the Joint Registrar (Protocol) before

 committing in any manner to the visiting

State Guest.

For such visitors, the entire

arrangements shall be borne by the State Government i.e. by the District Magistrate, Mathura / Varanasi on behalf of the State Government.

Rule 9.  There shall be a register to be filled

 in by the Hon'ble Guest while arriving and

 leaving the Guest House.

Rule 10.  A day is reckoned as 24 hours from the time of arrival at the Guest House.

Rule 11(i) Separate receipts shall be issued acknowledging the receipts for the payment of rent and for maintenance charges to  the guests staying in the Guest House at the time of their departure.

Rule 11 (ii) It  shall be the responsibility of

 the Manager / Caretaker to ensure that the

 rent and maintenance charges are  recovered

 and acknowledged before the guest leaves

 the Guest House. Separate Receipts

 regarding payment of rent and maintenance

 shall be issued.

Rule 12. Charges for food shall be on actual

 basis. However, Tea/ Coffee/ Biscuits shall be

 made available free of charge in the morning

 and in the afternoon and when visitors


Rule 13. The consumption of alcoholic drinks and Non-Veg is strictly prohibited in the Guest House.

Rule 14. Three newspapers  shall be

 subscribed for guests staying in the Guest



Rule 15.  All the Hon'ble Guests shall have

 the facility of local calls free of charge. S.T.D.

 calls shall not be allowed.


Rule 16. There shall be a Manager/Caretaker,

 not below the rank of Munsarim/Reader,

 who shall be in-charge of the Guest House.

 He shall be under the direct supervision and

 control of the District Judge, Mathura/


Rule 17. Apart from the Manager/ Caretaker,

 there shall be two Peons-cum-cook, two

 Peons, one Sweeper, one Farras, two Guards

 and one Gardener attached to the Guest





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