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Nandgaon Chhata Chaumuha Goverdhan Mathura
Farah Mant Naujhil Raya Baldeo



                                                TOURIST PLACE  AT DISTRICT  MATHURA


  Mathura widely known as birth place of lord Krishna is located on the western     bank of river Yamuna at latitude 27degree 41 Minute N and 77Degree and 41 Minuet E. It is 145 Km south-east of Delhi and 58 Km north west of Agra in the State of Uttar Pradesh. For about 3000 Year it was the hub of culture and civilization . Held in sanctity by the Buddhists, Jain and Brahmanical faith alike, it has a long and chequered history. One of the Sapta Mahapuris, it was ruled in turns by the kings of  Solar and Lunar  dynasties and became a center of three Cultures India Indo-Scythian and Hellenstic. For are creation Mathura is the Athens of India. The great school of sculpture known as Mathura school of Art flourished here for 1200 Years. Such proliflic creativety and gushing devotion to novel Art Forms and experi-ment in sculptures and clay figurines as found in this school  are rare in the annals of indian Art History. A survey of this glorious School of Art can be made in the Government Museum, Mathura. The present day Mathura abounds in Place of Religious and Historic Interest, All round the year A large number of Festival and fairs are held in Matura and adjoining areas of Vrindavan Gokul, Brazen and Goverdhan The rascal of Brij is thematically the basis of many performing Arts.


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What to See

SHRI KRISHNA JANMA BHUMI : The Birth Place of Lord Krishna

JAMA MASJID : Built by Abo-inNabir-Khan in 1661.A.D. the mosque has 4 lofty minarets, with bright colored plaster mosaic of which a few panels currently exist.

VISHRAM GHAT : The sacred spot where Lord Krishna is believed to have rested after slaying the tyrant Kansa.

DWARKADHEESH TEMPLE : Built in 1814, it is the main temple in the town. During the festive days of Holi, Janmashthami and Diwali, it is decorated on a grandiose scale.

GITA MANDIR : Situated on the city outskirts, the temple carving and painting are a major attraction.

GOVT. MESEUM : Located at Dampier Park, it has one of the finest collection of archaeological interest. Rare items from the Gupta and Kushan period (400 B.C.-1200A.D.) are on display. Major attraction for tourists.



Name of Hotel Address Phone No. Name of Hotel Address Phone No.
Hotel Radha Ashok Masani Bypass, Mathura 2405527,2409557 Hotel Meghraj Tilak Dwar,Matura 2406162
Hotel Maduvan Krishna Nagar 2404064,2405058 Hotel Raj Mahal Tilak Dwar,Mathurar 2406598
Hotel Mansarover Place State Bank Chauraha 2408686,2406525 Hotel Brij Bihar Tilak Dwar ,Mathura 2404209
Hotel Country Inn Kosi Delhi Road Kosikalan. 05662-232445 HotelKwality Near Old Bus Stand 2406195
Hotel Dwaper Resorts Mathura Agra Road 2405527,2409557 Hotel Modern Near Old Bus Stand 2404747
Hotel Sanjay Palace Arya Samaj Marg Mathura 2407867 Hotel Satyam Masani Road 406767
Hotel Surya International Chauki Bag Bahadur Mathura 2409344 Hotel Mohan Chhatta Bazar 2405856
Manglam Tourist Lodge Dampier Nager,Mathura 2405965 Hotel Prem Holi Gate 2407122
Tourist Bungalow Civil Lines 2407822 Hotel Brijraj Shri Krishna Janmasthan 2406232
Hotel Agra Bangali Ghat , Mathura 2403318 Krishna Lodge Station Road , Mathura 2409787
Rukmani Cottege Near Dwarikadheesh Mandir 2404200 Hotel Gaurav Dampier  Nagar,Mathura 2406192
Hotel  Kaveri Junction Road, Mathura 2403853 International Guest House Janam Bhumi,Mathura 2405888



15 Km. north of Mathura on the same bank of Yamuna, lies the celebrated town of Vrindavan, almost as closely associated with Krishna as Mathura itself. Indeed one hardly speak of Vrindavan alone to; the devout Hindu. Mathura-Vrindavan can not a unified image of untold beauty and religious sanctify.  What is comparatively a matter of detail is that Vrindavan is believed to have been the stage on which Krishna performed his famous romantic and sportive roles. Unlike busy Mathura. Vrindavan seems perpetually to be dreaming and imaginatively, re-living its romantic past. There are hundred of shrines in the town, as also numerous ghats and several sacred tanks, of which one called Brahama kund and another named Govinda kund are the most highly venerated. The most famous as well as the finest temple in Vrindavan is that of Govinda Deva, dating from 1590. It is a huge, Cruciform, Vaulted building of red sandstone with a nave 30Mt.(100Ft.) in height and breadth the wall is 3 Mt.(10Ft.) thick on an average and is built in two stage. The upper being a regular triforium. map3.JPG (138401 bytes)




GOVINDA DEV TEMPLE : Built by Raja Man singh of Jaipur in 1590, The temple is a testimony of the architectural splendour  of medieval India. The temple walls average 10 ft. thickness. The upper state is regular triforium. Originally seven stories high, it's upper four stories were destroyed during the reign of Aurangzeb. The Krishna idol was then removed to Jaipur  .

SHAHJI TEMPLE : It was constructed in the year 1860. It is a prominent temple of northern India. It is famous for it's explendid  art architecture , sculpture and twelve single piece spiral colemns made up of marble approx 15'high. The world famous BASANTI KAMRA  is situated in the eastern wing of this temple. This room has spectacular ancient chandelies and rare paintings are available .

RANG JI TEMPLE : Vrindavan 's longest temple, it was constructed in 1851 by Seth Govind Das ji & Seth Laxmi Chand Ji. All were desciples of Acharyavarya Rangdeshie Swami where as the main gate is in Rajput style , The temple follows South Indian architectural pattern . The outer wall measure 773 Ft. and encompass a water tank ,  a garden and the actual temple . The "Dhweja Stambha " , 50 ft. tall , is believed to be gold plated .

MADAN MOHAN TEMPLE : Situated near Kali ghat , it is believed to have been built by Kapur Ram Das of Multan. The original   Image of  Madan  Mohan was removed to Karauli during the regin of Aurangzeb .

KRISHNA BALRAM MANDIR (ISKCON VRINDAVAN ) : This is a International spiritual   organisation having 400 centers around the world . This was founded by srila A.C. Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada . thousands of pilgrims and International tourists visited Vrindavan centre which is having beautiful temple of Lord Krishna .

RADHA BALLABH TEMPLE : Built in 1626 this temple is of special architectural   interest as remnant of ancient hindu architecture . The Shrine was demolished   in the 17th century  and the huge structure only the plinth remains.

GOPI NATH TEMPLE : closely resembling the Madan Mohan mandir in style and dimension, it was built by Rai Shilji, a Sekhavat Rajput of Jaipur .

GLASS TEMPLE : Its marvelous art of glass work dazzles the pilgrim's eyes.

NIDHI VAN  : Radhika's Kridasthali, the playground of Krishna's consort, it is a place of Hindu veneration. The image of Bihariji was discovered by Swami Haridas Ji.

SEVA KUNJ : Krishna's Vihar Bhoomi, it was sanctified for centuries ago by Radha Ballabhiya Samaradayachery Shri Goswami Hit Hari Vanshji.

BANKE BIHARI : One of the oldest temple, it was rebuilt in 1921 discpieles of  Haridas Swami who got the idol of Bankey Bihari from Nidhi Van.


Name of Hotels Address Phone No Name of Hotel Address Phone No.
Meera Mohan athithi bhawan Aheerpara 2442233 Govind Mohan athithi bhawan Chowraha Vidya peeth 2442456
Bhartiya athithi Bhawan Dusaya 2442138 Shri Ram vishranti grah Vidya peeth chowraha 2442833
Jaipuriya smarati bhawan Govedhan Darwaja 2442388 Seth Ram krishna Kishorpura 2442083
Hotel Geet Govind Nandanvan 2442517 Shri banke Bihari Aheerpara Vrindavan 2443529




26 Km from Mathura along the road to Deeg. It is named after the name of the Goverdhan Hillock" which is said to have raised on the finger and was was put in the condition to save the people from the incessant rain which fell constantly for seven days to destroy the people of Brij. The hillock is 7 Miles in length. The temple of Har Deva Ji in Goverdhan town is 400 Yrs old. The Mansi Ganga which is an artificial lake, was constructed my Man Singh of Jaipur. The dense shady trees the hill ranges and tranquil flow of Mansi Ganga all unite together and make a charming view which the visitor can never forget.

KUSM SAROVAR : About two miles from the town, is the boarder of Radha Kund which have significant architectural group erected by T. Sing in honor of his father, Suraj Mal, the cenotaph of Suraj Mal which stand on Kusum Sarovar, present in a fine view.


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On the opposite side of Mansi Ganga are two stately cenotaphs built to the memory of the Randhir Singh and Baldeo Singh, Rajas of Bharatpur State. The cenotaphs consist of a lofty and substantial square masonry terrace with corner and lateral alcoves.

5 Kms. to the north of Goverdhan is Radha Kund, A village clustering around two small lake. It is said the Lord Krishna himself bathed here in self-purification. Between Goverdhan and Radhakund is seen the cenotaph of Raja Suraj Mal Bharatpur who was sacrificed in 1763. in front of the cenotaph is an artificial lake with an extensive garden behind.

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21 Kms. to the north of Goverdhan is Barsana the birth place of Radha a favourite devotee of Lord Krishna. It is a famous place for pilgrimage with a regular bus service from Mathura to Barsana Via Kosi & Goverdhan.

Barsana originally known as Brahmasaran lies on a slope of ridge. The four prominent peaks of  the hill are regarded as amblematic of the four-faced divinity and are crowned by a group temple is honor of Lali Ji a local title of Radha meaning 'the beloved'

There is second hill in Barsana and the path between these two is known as Sankhi Khue. A fair is held in the month of Bhadon (August-September)

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AT the foot of a hill 51 Kms. north-east of Mathura is situated the venerable village of Nandgaon. It is known as the home of Lord Krishna's foster father Nand, in whose memory a spacious temple stand on the brow of the hill. Probably built in the middle of the 12'th century by one Rup Singh, It consist of an open nave with choir and sacrarium beyond. Standing in the center of a paved courtyard, it is surrounded by a lofty wall which commands an extensive view of the Bharatpur hill and the level expanse of Mathura District as far as Goverdhan.



About 15 Kms. of the south-east of Mathura connected by a metalled road is Gokul, a suburb of the inland town of Mahavan on the bank of the river Yamuna. Gukul is a celebrated spot where Lord Krishna was reared in secrecy by his nurse. This place is very scared and is visited by thousand of pilgrims particularly during the birth anniversary of the Lord Krishna in july-august and the time of Annakut festival. Gokul is also associated with the famous saint Vallabhacharya who lived here for many years. The most important temple is that of Gokul Nath Ji. The principal meals are Janma in Bhadon and Annkut on the day after the new Moon of kartik. The "Trinavat Mela" is also held on the fourth day of the dark half of kartik.


Lying on the left bank of Yamuna. Mahavan is 4 Kms. from Gokul on the road to Sadabad. Lord Krishna is believed to have been craddled in this place. The largest and most sacred temple is that of Mathura Nath an edifice built of rock and plaster. Overhanging the Yamuna at Mahavan is an old building which is identified as the place of Nanda 9 Kms from Mahavan on the same route is Baldeo which is another place of pilgrimage. These places can be visited by taxi or auto. There is a bus service to Baldeo.



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Baldeo is about 9 Kms. from Mahavan on the road leading to Sadabad. In the center of the town stand the famous temple of Baldeo(Dauji). The elder brother of Lord Krishna. Two annual fair are held at Baldeo. One on the Sixth day of the light half of Bhadon called Deo-Chhath other on the full moon of Aghan. There is not a single day in the course of the year in which the temple court are not occupied with Pilgrims. ph6.JPG (24652 bytes)

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